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The Carnegie K12 Teacher Roadmap: 14 - The Usage Report
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The usage report shows the length of the total license time (Total Time), current active learning time (Time Used), and remaining license time for each user.   


From the reports menu, select the Usage Report. Click Select All and Generate Report to view the usage of all the students in the class.


There are two views of the data - By WeeK and By Students.


By Week

In the By Week report, the date range can be set for any period of time, however, the default is from the day the course was created to the current date.

Each bar represents the selected group of students' active learning time in hours during that week.

By hovering over a bar, the names of students and their individual active learning time appears in a pop-up menu.  

The Export icon is in the upper right corner of this report.

By Students


In the By Students report, individual student's total active learning time in hours is represented by the bar next to their name.  The student login ID is shown after the students first and last name in parenthesis.


Downloading the Usage Report

Use the export icon to download the usage report.


Note: Carnegie ESL and ESP licenses are annual licenses with 60 hours of total time in this report.  In this case, student licenses do not “time out” or expire until the end of the annual license period.

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