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The Carnegie K12 Teacher Roadmap: 02 - On-boarding Students
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Tutorial - Onboarding Teachers and Students in Carnegie ESL and Carnegie ESP

  1. The local administrator and teacher will receive and email from Carnegie Speech with their login credentials 
  2. The teacher logs in using their assigned login (usually their email address) and temporary password.
  3. If this is the first-time login, the teacher will be guided to create a new password and to complete the course registrations page
  4. The teacher will be placed in the Dashboard view.
  5. The teacher is recommended to verify or edit as needed the Course Settings (course hours and Intelligent Tutor settings) for each assigned course. 
    1. Details are in The Carnegie K12 Teacher Roadmap: 03 - Manage Course Settings
  6. A student email registrations link been created for each course.
  7. The teacher will receive a Student Welcome email template with student login and tutorial information.
  8. The essential steps in the student onboarding process are:
    1. Computer hardware sound settings for the headset microphone (<5 minutes)
      1. Microphone Set-up guide for MS Windows 7/8/10
      2. Microphone Set-up guide for macOS
    2. Students log in and complete the course enrollment process. (<5 minutes)
    3. Students continue and take the initial assessment. (10 to 20 minutes)
    4. Student are placed into the Student Dashboard and practice available lessons.
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