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The Carnegie K12 Teacher Roadmap: 04 - Manage Course Settings
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Course settings are created by the local administrator based on the predicted goals and objectives for each course; however, to better conform to specific goals and objectives, teachers may change the number of course-hours and the percentage of content in each of the four curricular areas.  It is recommended that teachers review the course settings and, if changes are needed, make those changes BEFORE the students complete their initial assessment.


Navigate to the target course. In the Teacher Tools menu, go to Class Management and click the Edit Course button located at the bottom of the menu.

From the Edit Course dialog box you will be able to change the course long name and short name (6-8 characters preferred), edit the number of course hours and the percentage of course content in each skill area.

The course has been set up by the local administrator with pre-selected settings for the Course, Assessment, Training and Intelligent Tutor settings. You can change these settings as follows:

  • In the GENERAL tab, select the course Category. Select NativeAccent for CEFR levels B2 and higher.  Select Carnegie BASICS for CEFR levels A2 and B1.  Ignore other options.

  • Create the course “full name” (any descriptor that fits your schema).

  • Create the course “short name” (no more than 8 alpha/numeric characters)

  • Course ID Number and Course Summary are optional

 Set the Course Hours

  • Carnegie Speech recommends 1 hour at a sitting x 5 days per week to achieve the best results.

  • Multiply the number of weekly course hours that you want your students to work x the number of weeks in the school term (minus the first week for onboarding students and the last week for finals if your students are in an academic program). Enter this number of course hours.

  • Alternative Strategy – set the number of course hours for half of the total hours of study. At the end of that period, the students will take an interim assessment, and the system will assign a new intelligent tutor path.


The Assessment Settings

Click on the Assessment Settings tab

The default settings are shown above.  The optimal settings will allow a student to complete the assessment in about 20 minutes.  Changing "the Maximum number of times a student can attempt an assessment item" will cause the assessment to be at least 40 minutes long.  Changing the "Disable the Submit button..." will force a participant to complete the assessment in one sitting.  If the participant leaves for any reason, they will lose their work and have to start over the next time that they log in.


The Training Settings

Click on the Training Settings tab

The default settings shown above have been shown to be the optimal settings.  Changing these values will result in less feedback for students.


Set the curriculum content percentages

Click on the Intelligent Tutor Tab

  • Review and adjust  the percentage assigned to each skill area

    • If needed, change the values assigned using the slider bars or type in the percentage. When typing the percentage, the total must equal 100% to complete this action. When using the slider bar the system will calculate the percentages based on this visual organizer.


Click on the Advanced Tab to enable the email reminder system

  • Select YES to have the system send the student a weekly reminder email showing their study time.

  • Ignore other advanced options

  • Click SAVE


Setting the Scoring Thresholds for the reporting system

Click the Threshold tab

The default settings shown above have been shown to be the optimal settings for most classes.  The details about how changing these values are discussed in detail in the knowledge base article


The course settings are applied to the student's record when the initial assessment has been completed.


Any changes to course settings after that event will not be applied to the students' learning path until either:

  • The student completes their assigned Intelligent Tutor path and takes the final assessment, after which a new Intelligent tutor path will be created based on the new settings...


  • The teacher uses the Class Management / Miscellaneous Operations tool to select the student(s) name(s) and click on Run IT (Intelligent Tutor).


MANAGE CLASS ENROLLMENT / Miscellaneous Operations

  • Reset (students) (remove all assessments/skills) – removes all assessment and skills and starts the student back at a new initial assessment.  Used for students who have been long absent from their studies        
  • Run IT (Intelligent Tutor) - recommended when moving student(s) from one class to another to assign the new class settings.  All student data is maintained.
  • Delete (students) – removes students from the database.  This cannot be undone.     
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