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The Carnegie K12 Teacher Roadmap: 01 - Organization and Administration
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Carnegie Speech spoken-English assessment and instruction software


Carnegie Speech software products are internet cloud-delivered software for the assessment and instruction of spoken English skills in pronunciation, word stress, fluency (connected speech), and grammar.  The patented Intelligent Tutoring technology creates an individual lesson plan for each student based on their first language and their assessment scores.  By focusing on skills in greatest need of improvement, the Intelligent Tutor saves valuable study time.  Patented Pinpointing speech recognition technology provides the user with immediate, understandable feedback, showing their level of success with the focus skill of each lesson.  Voice models are gender matched.  As students improve, the intelligent tutor dynamically adapts the activities to the next most-needed skill.



School – A school is an organizational unit.  All courses, users, classes, and playlists exist within your school container.

Course – A course is a  container defined by the course name and settings.  There are four types of courses available:

  • Carnegie ESL for middle and high school ESL students
  • Carnegie ESP for elementary school early speech and newcomers of any age


Class - A class is the grouping of students and teachers to participate in a particular course.


User - a user is any person with login access to your school container (students, teachers, administrators)


Roles - There are four user-roles 

  • Student
    • Students can be enrolled in one, and only one, course at any time.  Their role is to take the assessment and follow the intelligent tutor path and take the final assessment
  • Teacher
    • Teachers can manage students in their assigned courses, change course settings, create assignments and run reports
  • Local Administrator
    • The local administrator can create courses and teacher accounts, and assign/enroll teachers and manage student enrollment.
    • The local admin can do all teacher functions. All courses, teachers, and students associated with a school are visible to the local administrator
  • System Administrator
    • This role is used by Carnegie Speech Customer Care and Tech Support to create schools, initial courses, and users and to resolve customer support issues.
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