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The Carnegie K12 Teacher Roadmap: 12 - The Student Improvement Analyzer
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The Student Improvement Analyzer shows student improvement over time by comparing skill scores in the initial assessment to the skill scores in most recent assessment or current skill level.  This report reveals the total learning time, average % improvement, the number of skills improved and other data for each skill area (pronunciation, grammar, fluency, and word stress)


Select the Student Improvement Analyzer from the Teacher Dashboard or from the Reports menu,

Select the students to be included in the report, select the Student Improvement Analyzer from the dropdown menu and click Generate Report

The Student Improvement Analyzer Report Page

At the top of the page is the Class Average for each skill category. 

Categories can be turned off and on for this report using the toggle switch.

The number below the toggle switch represented the Class Average improvement for each skill category.


The color coding is used as an indicator of comprehensibility in each of the skills areas.  

  • Green indicates that more than 75% of the skills assessed and taught in a given skill area are above the skills threshold.  These students can make rapid gains by focusing on the skills presented in their intelligent tutor path.

  • Yellow indicates that between 50% and 75% of the skills assessed and taught in a given skill areas are above the skills threshold.  These students are comprehensible but need to spend significant time and effort to improve their skills.

  • Red means that fewer than 50% of skills assessed and taught in a given skill area (e.g. pronunciation) are above the skills threshold and are therefore struggling to produce comprehensible speech.  The instructor can help these students by working closely with them and using the Add Assignment feature to focus their work on specific skills.


Downloading the Summary Assessment Report


Select the download icon located in the upper right corner of the report screen.

The resulting .csv file can either be saved to the device or be opened in a compatible spreadsheet application.  


This data represents the individual student gains.  The class-average gains are tallied at the bottom of the report.


This report can be updated in MS Excel by using the Conditional Formatting tools to represent the color coding used in the Student Improvement Analyzer report



Final Term Reporting - The Student Improvement Analyzer is the most comprehensive report on student progress since their initial assessment.  By collecting each class report, a single class report can be added to others in a school-wide summary report.

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