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The Carnegie K12 Local Administrator:05 – Manage the Enrollment Process
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See Knowledgebase article: Managing Student enrollment


A teacher account can only be created by Carnegie Speech.  There are two ways to request a teacher account to be created.

  • Fill out the Local Admin Course and Teacher Setup Request Form and email a copy as an attachment to [email protected].  Using this method, the teacher account will be created and enrolled into their assigned course(s) by our support team, and the teacher will receive a “Welcome" email with their login credentials and support documentation.

  • email [email protected] with the first and last names and email address of the teacher(s).  Using this method you will need to follow the steps below to enroll a teacher in one or more courses and send them their credentials.



To accomplish this, go to the Local Administrator Tools menu and select Class Management / Class Enrollment menu options.


You will be presented with a list of currently enrolled users in the left column.  The right column shows all students and teachers who are currently in the database who are not enrolled in the current course.

  1. Click the ASSIGN ROLE drop-down and select “Teacher”

  2. Select a teacher in the right column and click the Add button

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